Training packages 10MILA & World Cup

Idrefjällens OK welcome you to a wonderful summer of orienteering in Idre Fjäll and Särna.

We truly hope you will enjoy your stay with many lovely experiences in both woods and mountains. The training packages this summer is also a very good opportunity for clubs and national teams to prepare for both 10MILA 2020 Idre Fjäll (September 26-27) and Orienteering World Cup August 12 – 15 2021.

Opening hours training packages

All areas are available during June 21 – August 30 2020 and September 21 – October 15 2020. NOTE! All areas are closed August 31 – September 20 due to moose hunting. Respect this! 

NOTE! Remember that you must pre-order maps / courses if you are visiting Idre Fjäll from June 26 onwards. Ordering is done via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Areas, distance, course setter
1. Nipfjället, open mountain area long, Per Forsberg
2. Chocken, middle, Tomas Hallmén
3. Slättvåla O, middle, Simone/Matthias Niggli
4. Slättvåla V, long, Simone/Matthias Niggli
5. Mickelstemplet Särna, long, Linus Bohman



Nipfjället (L) 

Chocken (M) 

Slättv O (M)  

Slättv V (L)

Särna (L)

1 yellow

2 660

2 120

2 260

2 810

2 170

2 orange

3 330

2 590

3 100

4 060

3 010

3 blue/black

2 960

2 660

3 990

5 040

3 190

4 black

5 010

3 730

4 810

7 460

4 730

5 black

6 970

5 020

5 650

9 320

7 290


Offers in four different areas during the same time as mention above. The control points are all control points used for the trainings. Naturpasset is for sale for SEK 70 kronor and can be found in these areas. Nipfjället, Chocken, Slättvåla and Mickelstemplet, Särna.


SEK 70 course/map. Naturpass 70 SEK/map. Only the map (without a course SEK 50/map).


Send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When order, enter which area, course, map scale and number of courses. You have to order at least 10 days in advance before your arrival.

Naturpasset is for sale in Idre Fjäll (ICA, Mountain Sports och Aktivitetscenter). You can´t pre-book Naturpass. Only for sale on site.


During the summer/autumn you have to pre-order in advance (10 days), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When arriving ou pick up your pre-ordered maps at Activitycenter at Idre Fjäll. It´s also the main reception this suimmer at Idre Fjäll where you also pick up your keys to your accomodation. It´s located at the entrance to the sports hall.


Several options; invoice (enter your billing address when ordering), or use our bank account for payment; IBAN SE12 8000 0818 7700 4180 3164, BIC SWEDSESS, bank (recipient) Swedbank. Enter your club/name when paying. Currency: SEK.


All maps Idre Fjäll are produced 2019-2020, scale 1:10 000 or 1:7 500, 5 meters eqv. The map in Särna is revised 2019-2020, scale 1:10 000 or 1:7 500, 5 meters eqv. All courses except from course 4 and 5 in the area Slättvåla V are available in 1:7 500. Naturpass  scale 1:10 000, 5 meters eqv.

Plastic bags

We try to be environmentally friendly and therefore kindly ask everybody to bring your own plastic bags for your maps. You need size A3 for your plastic bag to fit the maps 


All control points in the terrain are marked with a special “orienteering” wooden pole with a reflex tape attached. You can see how it looks like in the Info-Center. There are no SI-units at the controls.


All courses and maps are pre-registered in the GPS-based orienteering service Livelox. You need to upload your GPS-tracks to Livelox to be able to see your time incl. split times. Maps/courses are activated in Livelox from Sunday June 21 2020. Additional information about Livelox and how to use the service could be found at


For all maps, Nipfjället, Chocken and Särna there is a recommended parking lot and the overview map show you where those are. For “Slättvåla O” and “Slättvåla V” there it is walking distance from Idre Fjäll.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Idrefjällens OK welcome you all to a wonderful summer of orienteering at Idre Fjäll! 














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