Lists of Camp-sites and windshelters

We have now published lists and maps over the allocated caravan/RVs and tent sites. You can find these under Information-Accommodation. Due to various circumstances, a number of modifications of the areas has been made during the allocation process. We have swapped the location of Camping area C and Windshelter area A. This is due to ground conditions and our desire to keep you as dry as possible. 

The original two windshelter areas have been divided into three (A, B, and T) instead of A and B. 

These changes are not yet reflected in the arena map. We believe and hope that you will find your allocated site/s anyways. 

Bookings that were not made via Eventor need to be handled by the ones you made your booking with, not the 10MILA organisation. 

Last Updated: Friday, 06 May 2022 17:58