10MILA Week

Thursday, May 1st
13:00 10MILA-prologue. Elite Competition, middle distance, 15 km north of 10MILA Arena
SOK Aneby, www.sokaneby.se

Friday, May 2nd
14:00 Silva League. Sprint, Tranås city center, 45 km north of 10MILA Arena
SOL Tranås,
Open courses. 10MILA Arena. Available all day.

Saturday, May 3rd
11:30 Youth Relay. Finish approx 13:30
14:30 Women’s Relay. Finish approx 18:00
19:30 10MILA Relay. Start.
Open courses. Available all day.

Sunday, May 4th
6:30 10MILA Relay. Predicted finish time.
Open courses.

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