Spring’s Tiomila is cancelled

Tiomila will not be held in Valdemarsvik as planned. Once again, it is the corona pandemic that has led to the orienteering classic being deferred.
And once again, the Tiomila Association is investigating whether
Tiomila can be moved to the autumn.

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Invitation 10MILA 2021

Here comes the final invitation to 10MILA 2021 in Valdemarsvik. A Finnish version will be published at the beginning of week 52. The registration is now open in Eventor.

Invitation 2021

Preliminary invitation 2021

Here is the preliminary invitation to 10MILA 2021 in Valdemarsvik. Registration and accommodation booking will be opened in Eventor preliminarily on 15th of December. In connection with this the final invitation will be presented. 

Preliminary invitation 2021

Grännäs sports ground named Sweden's finest

Grännäs sports ground in Valdemarsvik, where the arena will be during 10MILA 2021, has been named Sweden's finest. It is the newspaper SportExpressens readers who voted for Grännäs, read more here (article in Swedish).

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