Accommodation service

Accommodation is offered from Friday at 14:00 until Sunday at 14:00, see the different
alternatives below. All can be booked via Eventor.

Hard floor lodging

Will be available in schools and gymnasia max 5 km from the event centre. Bus transportation
to and from the event centre is included in the registration fee. No cooking is allowed in
schools or gymnasia. There is a possibility to book space for club need.

Large tents

There will be large tents provided by the organizer close to the event centre, divided into 3 x 6
meters floor sections accommodating up to ten people. To be booked in one or more sections
for two nights.

Camp site

In the event centre vicinity, up to 1,5 km distant, there will be a camp site for own tents with 6
x 6 meters lots. Please state the number of lots in your booking.

Space for caravans and campers

On gravel, space for a limited number of caravans and campers, circa 1200 meters from the
event centre.

Tents at the event centre

There will be 5 x 5 meters tents at the event centre. Benches, heating (1 gas tube) shall
be separately booked in Eventor. There will be no electricity. Not for overnight sleeping.

Sites for wind shelters

There will be 5 x 5 meters lots for own wind shelters 0 – 200 meters from the event centre.
State the required number of lots in your registration. Not intended for overnight sleeping.

Bus transportation

Busses will circulate between schools, gymnasia and the event centre. Other bus
transportations can be arranged if requested.


Accommodation, large tent sections and tent lots shall be booked at the registration via

Other accommodations

The availability of other accommodations in Valdemarsvik is very limited. Towns and cities
in the area are Gamleby (25 minutes), Norrköping (45 min) and Västervik (45 min). More
information about private accommodation will come soon.

Please note. The Grännäs Campsite is fully booked by the organizer for the event and its
officers and volunteers.

Accommodation issues

For all questions concerning accommodation during the 10MILA weekend, use e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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