Våra historieartiklar är baserad på boken 10Mila-minnen. Här kommer en komplement:

Welcome to 10MILA 2020 in Upplands-Bro!

Tiomila celebrates 75 years and returns to Stockholm and Upplands-Bro. The competition will be held at a legendary Tiomila location – Livgardets - The Life Guards Regiment - Military training area.

The weekend of 1-3 May 2020 will be an orienteering weekend with a golden touch, beginning with a 75th Jubilee competition on Friday 1 May and shifting focus to the weekend’s main event, the three relays – Youth, Women and the Tiomila relay – at the competition centre Arena Tranbygge.

The organizers of 10MILA 2020 are Attunda OK, Järfälla OK, Solna OK, Sundbybergs IK and Väsby OK together with the host municipality Upplands-Bro and the landowners, the Life Guards Regiment of the Swedish Armed Forces.

Upplands-Bro has been a vital part of Tiomilas history, and 10MILA has been here four times previously: 1947, 1981, 2005 and 2013 and the organizing clubs behind 10MILA 2020 are the same clubs who hosted the 25manna 2018 relay at Järvafältet.

Competition leaders for 10MILA 2020 are Ingegerd Carlsson of Sundbybergs IK, Malin Kvarnefalk of Järfälla OK and Lena Buhre and Lasse Gerhardsson of Attunda OK.

Course setters are Ulf Radler of Järfälla OK and a trio from Attunda OK: Sven Hedman, Stig Löfgren and Lars Malm. The course setters were the same course setters as the 10MILA 2013 Gällöfsta. The different legs will mainly be placed in the western most areas of the practice- and artillery fields, which have never been used for Tiomila relay purposes.

The 75th Jubilee competition on 1 May will be held in the Lerberga forest, and all competition classes will be able to finish in the relay arena. Solna OK and Väsby OK share the joint responsibility for the Jubilee competition.

Additional information about 10MILA 2020, the 75th Jubilee Competition, training packages and other necessary information will be presented during the autumn.

Welcome to 10MILA 2020 in Upplands-Bro to celebrate Tiomila’s 75th Jubilee!


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